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snooker cue extensions or

cue extensions

, cue extensions for all your snooker needs, up to 35% off

push on extensions

. Screw On

snooker cue extensions

, mini butt smart extender and push on adjustable extensions.

9” Mini Butt Smart Extender

smart extension


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9” Screw-on Mini Butt Smart Extender for use with BCE snooker and pool cues. Compatible with most cues in the range, please see cue descriptions for compatability (not suitable for other brands of cue). Comes with it’s own soft cue case and is endorsed by Ronnie O’sullivan and Jimmy White. RRP £15.99.

Screw-on Adjustable Extension

screw on extension


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This extension is only suitable for our Hand Made Ebony Cue designs (A) to (E), as different cues have different screw threads it is not suitable for other cues Telescopic Metal extension extends cue by 46 cm (18 inches) up to 74 cm (29 inches).

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