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Online Security

Online fraud is a growing concern but it is a misconception that buying online isnít safe. In actual fact providing you follow simple guidelines it is actually one of the safest ways to use your credit or debit card. Virtually all quoted online fraud is actually criminals using card details stolen in the real world to purchase items online. Below are some key points to follow when purchasing online.

Security Update

There have been reports of small internet shops having customers credit card details stolen from their systems. Please rest assured that Royal Snooker does not hold any of your credit card details and card payments made on our site are handled securely by Paypal, the largest processors of payments on the internet. Paypal store your personal information and ensure it's heavily guarded, both physically and electronically. To further safeguard your debit and credit card numbers and your bank account details, they do not directly connect their firewall-protected servers to the internet.

Using Your Card Safely Online

  • Only use secure web pages when entering your card details. You can tell this by looking at the web address at the top of the page, this should have the prefix https:// instead of the normal http:// (the Ďsí denotes secure). You should also see a yellow locked lock on the bottom right hand corner of your web browser. This means that any information you send will be encrypted and canít be read by a third party if it is intercepted. Royal Snooker use 128 bit encryption (the highest available) with our payment processors Paypal and Nochex.
  • Protect your computer with a Virus checker and Firewall, as some virusís that load on to your computer or hackers accessing your computer can detect your passwords or entered card details. You can download some excellent FREE software to prevent this using the following links: - AVAST is a very good virus checker and can be downloaded for free at the following link and ZONEALARM is an excellent firewall and can be downloaded for free at the following link . It is also useful to download a free spyware program that will remove adaware programs from your pc at,22262-order,4/description.html

We have given more information than you probably need here and it is not as daunting as it may sound. Simply follow the simple steps in bold and you shouldnít have any problems at all. For added security in general, please take note of the following

  • DO NOT reply or click on official looking e-mails asking for account details or passwords. This is called phishing and is where fake e-mails are sent out in an attempt to obtain your security details. If you want to reply to these e-mails go to the official website and find a contact e-mail from there, do not reply to the e-mailís from address. Also if you want to check your account details go to the official secure website yourself, do not click on any links and again follow the above guidelines about checking for a secure page before entering sensitive information. Most companies will not send you this sort of e-mail and we at Royal Snooker do not send out unsolicited e-mail. If you want to check an e-mail is from us please e-mail us at .

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards via our 168 bit SSL encryption (the highest level of security commercially available on the internet) powered by Paypal, the largest processors of Payments on the World Wide Web. When making your payment, Paypal verify that your Internet browser is running Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 (SSL) or higher. Information is protected by SSL with an encryption key length of 168 bits.

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Protecting Yourself Offline

In general you should be very protective of your personal information and shred any paperwork with bank, credit card or security details on before putting it in the bin. Below is a link to the BBC website with more information about identity and credit card fraud. .


Follow the very simple steps and enjoy the safest shopping online and donít forget most credit cards offer payment protection for online purchases.

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